St. Bartholomew's, Armley

Great European Organs No.13


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Graham Barber plays 3 Sonatas by Josef Rheinberger
on the Schulze Organ at St. Bartholomew's Church, Armley

Sonata No.3  in G major, Op.88
    1.  Pastorale
  2.  Intermezzo
  3.  Fugue

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Sample from track 5


  Sonata No.11 in D minor, Op.148
    4.  Agitato
  5.  Cantilene
  6.  Intermezzo
  7.  Fugue
Sonata No.10 in B minor, Op.146
    8.  Prelude and Fugue
  9.  Theme and Variations
10.  Fantasia and Finale







(63.13 mins.)




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